Introduction to TAPPI

TAPPI is a registered non-profit international Organization or more than registered 14,000 members involved in the areas of pulp, and paper. In addition to pulp and paper TAPPI membership includes some allied areas of packaging (such as corrugated fiberboard, flexible packaging, lamination, adhesives, coatings and extrusion). It was founded in 1915 as the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

TAPPI provides a forum for the professionals involved in the industry. It publishes articles, standards and books, conducts events for peer-reviewed information relevant to the industry and offers scholarships.

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European Bioplastics

European Bioplastics (EUBP) is the association representing the interests of the bioplastics industry in Europe. Founded in 1993, EUBP has been a key player in shaping the policy environment for our industry in Europe for over 20 years. The foremost goal and commitment of EUBP is to build and strengthen a supporting policy framework for bioplastics in the EU to thrive in through a strong network and engagement in dialogue with all relevant stakeholders.

EUBP members have access to a multitude of networking opportunities, visibility through representation across the field, business enhancement opportunities and support, access to comprehensive information resources, annual meetings and conference discounts. Newcomers to our industry and/or the European market in particular can rely on EUBP to help them get a foothold in the sector and benefit from our broad knowledge and contact database.

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Seedling Certification Scheme
Claims on biodegradability and compostability
Mechanical recycling
Criteria for switching products to certified compostable plastics
Frequently asked questions about bioplastics
Plastic shopping bags
Home composting of compostable bioplastics
Bioplastic carrier bags – a step forward
Bioplastics and the circular economy
Biodegradable and compostable bioplastic bags in anaerobic digestion
Bioplastics facts and figures
Bioplastics - furthering efficient waste management
Bioplastics packaging – combining performance with sustainability
Bio-based plastics – fostering a resource efficient circular economy
Bioplastics – Industry standards & labels
What are bioplastics?
Marine litter
Biodegradable plastics needed to increase recycling efficiency

Packaging Additives Corner

Background of light and heat stabilization
UV absorbers

Adhesives & Sealants

Driving Circular Economy with Adhesives & Coatings
LM w/b adhesives for paper converting
How demographic changes impact the packaging design

Tα barcodes με απλά λόγια V2

Τα barcodes με απλά λόγια V2

From Design-PrePress-Production Workflows to Printing

In this section you will find usefull documents on the Printing Workflow.

Full HD Flexo Whitepaper
Esko Color Management

Lean Manufacturing

1 - Lean Manufacturing – Εισαγωγή
2 - Lean Manufacturing - Απώλειες
3 - Lean Manufacturing - Εργαλεία
4 - Lean Manufacturing - Ξεκινώντας
5 - Lean Manufacturing - SMED
6 - Lean Manufacturing - 5S
7 - Lean Manufacturing - JIDOKA
7 - Lean Manufacturing - OEE
8 - Lean Manufacturing - TPM
9 - Lean Manufacturing - Autonomous Maintanance
10 - Lean Manufacturing - OPL
11 - Είδη Συντήρησης και Στρατηγικές
12 - Lean Manufacturing πλήρης εφαρμογή σε εταιρεία εμφιάλωσης
13 - Τι είναι το ΟΕΕ και πως λειτουργεί
14 - Άμεση βελτίωση Παραγωγικότητας με μια απλή εφαρμογή
Lean Card Nr.6
Lean Card Nr.5
Lean Card Nr.4
Lean Card Nr.3
Lean Card Nr. 2
Lean Card Nr.1