Industry 4.0 - The First Hellenic Advanced Workshop

The Association of the Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials (AGMPM, and the Association of Greek Chemists (, following the international developments in the technology field, co-organized in the framework of their cooperation, the 1st specialized laboratory on the 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.

The age of artificial intelligence with total application, is far ahead, promising, but emerging new uncertainties, new threats and new challenges. The complete automation, digitization and robotization, the interconnection and continuous interaction of "machines" with each other and with men, and the reconciliation of all the current communication technologies with the production of goods and services, provided by the 4th Industrial Revolution, will forcefully change both the productive model , as well as the profile of the employees.

Our common belief is that the 21st century will be characterized by the rapidly emerging 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION which is expected to bring enormous geopolitical upheavals and reversals to the economic development of all countries and to undermine those who will not be able to adapt their productive model, their model of education, preparing their citizens for the future.

It is clear that this evolution is not reversible, and therefore there is a need for on time planning at national and supranational level, informing scientists and workers, redeploying the professional landscape so that the co-operation of "machinery" and humans is harmonious on the one hand, and on the other hand, work for the benefit of man and the quality of life.

The 1st specialized laboratory for the 4th Industrial Revolution was organized by the Association of Greek Chemists and AGMPM aiming the comprehensive, on time and valid information on the integration of robots in complex manufacturing environments, and the digital transformation of industry, the digital transformation of manufacturing and the security mechanisms using artificial intelligence, and for the virtual "cloud" storage.

A training portal for the 4th Industrial Revolution has been set up at AGMPM website. In this specific folder, only a small part of our available bibliography is linked to members and partners ( The event's speeches can be viewed on the Bodossaki Foundation's website:

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