Operation clean Sweep ®

Plastics Industry Association ("PLASTICS", www.plasticsindustry.org) and American Chemistry Council, Inc. (ACC, www.americanchemistry.com) are pleased that the Association of the Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials (AGMPM, www.pac.gr) has pledged its commitment to implement the OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP® program in Greece.

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is an international programme designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules (pellets) during handling by the various entities in the plastics industry and their release into the aquatic environment.

While consumers are responsible for the proper recycling and disposal of consumer products and packaging, the plastics industry must focus on proper containment of plastic pellets, flakes and powder. We must prevent the pellets, flakes and powder from getting into waterways that eventually lead to the sea.

When these pellets, flakes and powder are accidentally eaten by wildlife, they may not pass through their digestive tracts, which could lead to malnutrition or even starvation. The impacts of ingested marine debris can be significant and warrant efforts to prevent plastic materials from entering the environment.

All employees in every aspect of the industry must be educated on how to properly handle and dispose of plastic pellets, flakes and powder with the goal of zero pellet, flake and powder loss. OCS is being conducted in thousands of plants around the world, all adding to the effort to protect the environment

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