The history of the Hellenic Packaging

At the beginning of August 2018, the publication of the reference book on Packaging in our country was completed, entitled "Introduction to the History of Greek Packaging."

The book was written after a long-term research by academics E.Roupa and E.Hekimoglou, with the contribution of many Greek historians, academics, researchers, executives and businessmen from the field of Packaging Industry.

This international reference book was published in the form of luxury album (300X280mm, 350 pages).

The number of books regarding scientific field of Packaging written in Greek language is limited and their orientation is purely technical. This paper gives a unique mark, not only in Greek but also in the world literature, due to the fact that deals with Packaging History, covering an issue that has been developed fragmentarily in some chapters of foreign language literature.

Findings of the multiannual survey are impressive and refer to all Historical periods of Hellenism (from ancient Greece to Roman and Byzantine Empire and from Turkish enslavery period and Hellenic State establishment, up to 1980's).

Every period, with its unique and special characteristics, determined the packaging trends of goods and merchandise.

The extroversion and the commercial spirit of the Greeks resulted in the development and adoption of pioneering packaging materials. The latest Greek history recorded the development of Greek industrial production, the products of which were packed using new innovative materials and techniques.

References regarding industrial food products (eg, olive oil, wine, halvah) with historical data, illuminate aspects of the economy of our country that have not yet been adequately projected.

Packaging history is ultimately intertwined with technological developments in our country and constitutes a national capital.

AGMPM would like to congratulate 'A. Hatzopoulos S.A.' for entirely funding the academic research of many years, the writing and publication of the reference book, which is dedicated to the founder of the company, Mr, Athanasio El. Hatzopoulo (1903-1979).

Finally, we must thank the dozens of members and associates of our Association, who have been assisting in the writing of the book, offering their services to the academic writers.

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