European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy

On January 16th 2018, European Commission published its first EU strategy for plastics, as part of Europe's transition to a more circular economy.

As far as plastic packaging concerns, the following objectives have been set:

· Circulation in the EU (up to 2030) of only fully recyclable or reusable products

· Higher recycling targets achievement

· Limiting the intentional use of micro-plastic materials

· Limiting water resources pollution

· Reduce the availability of single-use products

· Reduction of plastic bags disposal

Circular economy model promoted in the European Union, urges the Industrial transformation in order to become more competitive and at the same time to produce more environmentally friendly materials. In order to achieve these objectives, European Union estimates that significant investments need to be made and on the other hand, there is a need for redesigning available products.
New EU legislation on packaging recycling, due to be published in 2018, will be a first step in this direction. According to the rationale of the strategy, only 5% of the plastic packaging remains in the active economy. Losses of 70-105 billion euros are recorded each year due to the non-utilization of discarded plastics after their use.
AGMPM keeps track on the latest developments in the EU and will be spectating the public consultation to be followed by any relevant European institution. Any new European Commission announcements, should be carefully considered from Greek packaging manufacturers, in order to devise their appropriate strategy.

Since July 2017, a special archive for circular economy has been created in AGMPM's website ( Relative data continuously enriched with information material and related reports (53 files available, 1072 pages, last update 19/1).

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