On May 2018 AGMPM joined Save-Food initiative which was introduced to the public by the partners Messe Düsseldorf and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) on 27 January 2011 in Berlin.

SAVE FOOD put the issue of global food losses onto the political and economic agenda. Prominent supporters, such as Professor Klaus Töpfer, publicly endorse the concept of the initiative, assuring a broad media impact right from the start. One third of all food is either wasted or lost – an amount that would be enough to meet global food needs. SAVE FOOD aims to drive innovations, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and spark off debates in order to generate solutions, across the entire value chain "from field to fork". SAVE FOOD promotes smart and sustainable production and packaging concepts to improve the supply of food to a growing global population.

The members of AGMPM will receive the regular newsletter, SAVE FOOD studies on food loss and waste and will be included in the FAO's worldwide communication list. Furthermore AGMPM will participate at the SAVE FOOD global events.

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