AGMPM joined Europen

On Thursday19 of April AGMPM joined EUROPEN. The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment is an industry Organization presenting the opinion of the packaging supply chain in Europe on topics related to packaging and the environment,without favouring any specific packaging material or system.

 EUROPEN aims to achieve a fully accessible European market for packaging and packaged products, while protecting the product and the environment.

 EUROPEN promotes packaging that is:

Made from responsibly sourced materials;
Functional and ensures consumer safety;
Reused/recycled and of benefit to society as a whole
Innovative and supportive towards the achievement of a circular economy and low-carbon future.

EUROPEN was established in 1993 in view of the adoption of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and it has been a constructive and credible voice of the packaging supply chain in Europe vis-à-vis the EU institutions ever since.

EUROPEN currently counts 56 members present in all 28 EU Member states. They are multi-national corporate companies spanning the packaging supply chain (raw materials producers, packaging producers and brand owners) and national packaging associations.

EUROPEN members are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of their packaging and packaged products along the supply chain, promoting the transition towards a circular and competitive economyThey are dedicated to resolving the environmental challenges facing the packaging supply chain in an active and co-operative manner, whilst advocating for harmonised European and national packaging regulations in an EU Single Market for packaging and packaged products.

The packaging supply chain, represented by EUROPEN, has always been a supporter of the European Commission’s ambitions for growth and competitiveness as key drivers to transition towards a low-carbon circular economy.

Notably, EUROPEN has been a constructive and engaged partner on the Circular Economy Package advocating for EU legislation to be clear, proportionate and effective, safeguarding the Internal Market and enabling innovation and growth for the packaging value chain in Europe.

More information is available in the website:

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