Webinar Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 

The scientific association AGMPM with the collaboration of Mr. S. Bamvakas (Vice President of HMS / Hellenic maintenance society) organized on Wednesday, October 12 the third training seminar on lean production. In this section, the presenter developed the toolbox of total productive maintenance (TPM), which aims to create a production environment without mechanical breakdowns and technical disturbances and is achieved by introducing systematic methods to improve its equipment and human resources. 

 The models of autonomous, planned, and quality maintenance, focused improvements (kaizen), timely equipment management, education/training, health and safety, and finally the application of TPM in management were developed. 

 The video recording of the event and the related presentation are available at the AGMPM Secretariat. Also, the minutes of the 1st Seminar (SMED tools to reduce dead production times) and the 2nd Seminar (S tools, lean manufacturing Webinar) are also available to the Members and scientific Partners of our Association. 

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