Webinar on UK plastic packaging tax  

On March 24, the international environmental consultancy Eunomia Research & Consulting,with Bristol, offices in Athens, Brussels and America and AGMPM organized the first webinar on the upcoming taxation of plastic packaging in the United Kingdom (UK Plastic Packaging Tax). 

Under UK law from 1 April 2022, plastic packaging and materials packaged in plastic that do not contain at least 30% recycled plastic will be taxed at GBP 200 per tonne. The aim is to encourage greater use of recycled plastic and tackle the pollution of plastic packaging waste. 

Mark Hilton (Head of Eunomia Sustainable Business) first explained the legislation in the UK, giving examples of packaging that is exempt from taxation (licensed medicine packaging, cutlery, nappies etc.) He then analyzed the definition of recycled plastic and described the certification requirements for the content of recycled plastic (Finally, he summarized all the changes in the legislation in the UK that will burden each tonne of plastic packaging with taxes of up to 1500 EUR / tonne not incorporating the increases of primary materials in the last six months. 

The Seminar was held in English and the available material (presentation, video, answers to the written questions posted) will be available to AGMPM Members and Partners. 


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