EOAN Webinar: obligations of producers of packaging materials according to Greek legislation. 

On Thursday, December 14, AGMPM in collaboration with EOAN (Hellenic Recycling Agency) held a training seminar on the obligations of producers and importers of packaging materials by Greek legislation regarding single-use plastics, packaging, and packaging waste. 

In the first part of the event, the managing director of EOAN Dr. A. S. Toya quoted the organization's policy in anticipation of the new regulation on packaging and packaging waste, as well as the new initiatives to link GEMI with EMBA. In the second part of the event, Mrs. F. Kotzia analyzed the obligations of the producers of packaging materials according to the current Greek legislation, quoting illuminating examples for a wide range of packaging materials and their intended uses. 

This was followed by the section of questions that focused on the expected warranty system, the obligations of the producers according to the principle of filling at the point of sale, and the design of the packaging for recycling. 

More than 100 executives of the Greek industry participated in the event and the time of the event exceeded the planned one by 50 minutes, but this fact did not make it possible to answer all the questions asked by the audience. The list of queries has been sent to EOAN for processing. 


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