Webinar packaging design from theory to practice

AGMPM in collaboration with the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (TPMS) of the University of Western Macedonia organized on February 29, 2024 an educational seminar on "Packaging design: from theory to practice".

At the beginning of the event, Dr. P. Kyratsis briefly presented the curriculum of the Department and the new technological tools, that are used to deepen the packaging design methodologies in the last five years that the Department has been operating. The road map from the conception of the idea to the production of prototypes includes many intermediate stages and techniques such as mindmap, moodboard, digital sketching, storyboard, product canvas, empathy maps, CAD etc.

In the main part of the event, the final year students presented original proposals, with a special interest in the packaging industries in Greece, which involved the design of a metal champagne bottle, a glass soy bottle (Kikkom Corporation), a paper cookie package (Violanda), a glass wine bottle (Gerovasili estate) and finally a new glass perfume packaging.

The work of the school's graduates, who in a few months will enter the market empowering the packaging industry with new ideas and pioneering techniques, will be supported by our scientific association.

The event was coordinated by two members of the Board of AGMPM, Mr. J. Rossis (Quality Director Silgan SA) and the President of the Association D. Mantis. 

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