The 2023 Packaging Awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at the Sofitel Athens Airport in Athens. In the now ripe seventh edition of the BOUSSIAS events awards, they are organized with the cooperation of the Materials and Packaging Industries Association (ΑΓΜΠΜ) and reward companies that manage to convey the true value of packaging in product branding. The review highlighted the top packaging of the year for innovation, design, technologies, materials, but also public preference, essentially outlining the dominant trends in packaging today. 

The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Antonis Potamitis (Chairman of the Board of Sales Institute of Greece, President & CEO of WEST), pointed out, among other things, in his opening speech: "In this year's nominations, there was a clear increase in participation in the Circular Economy category, which confirms that one of the most important challenges we face regarding environmental sustainability is the reuse of food, beverage, etc. packaging material. It seems that the gravity of the choice and implementation of sustainable packaging has been understood by many Greek companies, but also the impact of this choice on the environment, the durability and environmental consciousness of the company itself". 

The winners, after receiving their awards in an enthusiastic and festive atmosphere, continued with discussions and photo sessions with the creative work groups of the award-winning packaging, partners and members of the Evaluation Committee. In the presentation of the award-winning packaging, Mr. Kostas Panditos, member of the Evaluation Committee, commented "The packaging communicates the Brand at the critical moment of truth, when the buyer chooses and judges the efforts of the entire company. The packaging, therefore, must have values ​​that speak to people's minds and hearts." 

Mr. Dimitris Mantis, President of AGMPM, in his message about the event, states "Good practices were presented at the Packaging Awards 2023, highlighting a particular dynamic in the packaging industry. These examples demonstrate the strong cross-departmental cooperation of the companies, which are given the opportunity not only to distinguish themselves in the domestic market, but also to participate in the global packaging competition organized every year by the WPO (World Packaging Organization)". 

The Special Awards  

Companies from a wide business spectrum participated in the awards. In this context, the top titles of the year were won by: A.S Strategy Branding & Communication was named (for the 3rd year) as Packaging Designer of the Year, Sarantis Group received the title of Packaging Brand of the Year, La Petite Jumelle (also for the 4th year) was named Packaging Supplier of the Year, while Tsimi SA received the Printing Leader of the Year title. 

On the website, all the award-winning companies and the products distinguished in the competition are displayed. 


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