NextLoop, webinar on recycling and using Food grade rPP

AGMPM in collaboration with the company Nextek Ltd organized on Thursday 19 October an educational webinar on the new technologies for recycling and recovery of PP food packaging entitled "NEXTLOOPP - closing the loop on post-consumer packaging by creating food-grade recycled polypropylene".  

Polypropylene is widely used in particularly demanding applications (from surgical masks to car spare parts) but also in critical food and beverage packaging such as yogurts, soups, baby creams, snacks, croissants, fruits, vegetables, etc. NextLoopp's mission is to create a model for the collection, sorting, and utilization of PP packaging.

The seminar presented innovative technological solutions for the separation of collected PP plastic packaging based on the production method (co-extrusion + thermoforming, casting in a mold) but also based on the intended use (food packaging and other packaging). The presentation by Dr. Edward Kosior (CEO and Founder at Nextek Ltd) also included techniques for removing adhesive, printing inks and labels (IML) from collected packaging.

Innovative packaging washing techniques were analyzed in order to offer to the market food grade rPP suitable for the production of packaging, serving all age groups of consumers. Also discussed were the certifications for direct contact with food and beverages, the control methods of the produced grades as well as the PCR content certification techniques (Recyclass).


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