2017 Annual General Assembly of AGMPM Members

A review of the Association activities of the last two years was presented to the members. During the first part of the meeting the synergistic relationship with the Hellenic Research Institutes, the Academic labs and the Universities was emphasized. The numerous Workshops, Seminars and Conferences organized by the Association and its strategic partners during the last two years were also outlined.

In the second part of the meeting representatives of two renowned international Greek academic labs, active in the packaging sector, presented their activities to AGMPM members. Dr. Michalis Kontominas presented the research activities of the academic lab located at the Chemistry School of the University of Ioannina. Then, Dr. Kyratsis and his team presented the activities of the CAD CAM / CAE / C3 packaging design lab located at the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia.

In this annual meeting representatives of the Hellenic food authorities confirmed the cooperation with AGMPS in the second phase of the GMP project.

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