Seminar - The new regulation on packaging and packaging waste

AGMPM and the European Organization EUROPEN organized on Wednesday 22 May in a central hotel in Athens the first introductory seminar on the final text of the new European regulation on packaging and packaging waste (PPWR).
In the first part of the event, Marzia Scopelliti (Public Affairs Manager of Europen) analyzed the critical chapters of the new regulation: criteria for recyclability of all types of packaging and the possibility of circulating packaged goods on the European market, recycled content of plastic packaging (PCR) , new mandatory labeling of packaging in transit, reduction of packaging through horizontal bans of certain structures, re-use requirements, etc.
In the second part of the event (Q&A session) the questions of those present were answered and it is worth noting that a significant part of the discussion was dedicated to the availability of PCR for plastic primary packaging of food and beverages, the approval or not of chemical recycling and the use of bio-based polymers, the suffocating time frame between the publication of the guidelines and the implementation milestones, e.g. 2030.
The presentation of the representative of the Europen organization is available at
AGMPM works and coordinates its educational actions on a weekly basis with the Europen Organization aiming to inform and prepare Greek companies in view of the implementation of a large number of new legislations in the European market.

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