6th Webinar: PEF tools for dairy products’ plastic packaging 

The second Webinar on the Product Environmental Footprint Tools (PEF) was successfully implemented in March 3, 2022, where the case of a plastic polypropylene (PP) cup for dairy products packaging was presented. 

The Webinar’s speaker Mr. Georgios Karakatsanis, Natural Resource Economist, Co-founder and Manager of EVOTROPIA Ecological Finance Architectures P.C., after examining the state-of-the-art of the EU legislation, he analyzed the carbon dioxide emissions of a propylene cup’s life cycle with the PEF method, from petroleum drilling, the production of propylene resin, the pellet’s transformation to a plastic cup, its transportation, its use and its waste collection and sorting for recycling (mechanical or chemical). 

Representatives of the industry participated submitted questions on the prospect of PEF’s incorporation to the EU legislation until the year 2025. After this warm response AGMPM in collaboration to EVOTROPIA will further highlight this crucial issue via the organization of similar events in the near future. 

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