The third LIFE DEBAG forum was completed a few days ago and AGMPM offered a number of suggestions and queries concerning the recommendations of the European Directive. The protection of the environment will not be ultimately achieved by the introduction of yet another form of taxation, which would consequently burden the consumer.

In order to protect the aquatic riches and resources of our country, a bold and radical plan needs to be set in place: cyclical green economy. During the second and third forum, AGMPM offered a number of suggestions which included the use of multiple use carrier bags, the promotion of biodegradable materials, the collection of discarded polyethylene film as well as the recycling of plastic carrier bags. All of this suggestions' purpose is to recover energy and valuable resources, using the PTF/PTO (plastic to fuel / plastic to oil) techniques. We estimate that a carefully planned programme of multiple actions is capable of meeting the target of zero pollution for the environment, but also attract new investment in recycling and recovery of packaging materials in our country.

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