Food Package Workshop - Detrop 2017

On the 4th of March 2017, a workshop entitled "packaging in the food industry" and organized by A.G.M.P.M. (SYVIPYS) & HEL.A.F.T (PETET), took place at the N.Germanos Hall of the I.T.E.-Hellexpo exhibition centre, during the Detrop 2017 exhibition. More than 300 converers attended, representing the food technology sector, the academic and research community, as well as the packaging material production industry.

The speeches presented by the Greek researchers of the Universities of Thessaloniki and Ioannina, offered valuable and important information and data on food packaging that need to be put into good use by the relevant industries in Greece.

The packaging material production industry, which was represented by MEL Macedonian Paper Mills S.A., Xatzoropoulos S.A. and Polyforma S.A. companies, presented successful examples of innovative food packagings.

The presentations of the eight speeches that took place will be available from the administrative offices of both the A.G.M.P.M. (SYVIPYS) & HEL.A.F.T (PETET).

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