Create Green Values with your Packed Greek Products

The Association of Greek Manufacturers of Packaging& Materials (AGMPM) and the Association of Greek Chemicals (AGC), closely monitor the policy of the European Union regarding the circular economy, especially in the field of packaging. Aiming to inform at the same time their members and all the interested parties and to contribute to a smooth transition of the Greek economy to the new model organized and performed a workshop with the theme:


which took place on Tuesday June 5 2018, on the anniversary of the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, with key -speakers two of the leading experts in the field of packaging, Mr .Gerald Lefebvre and Mr. Götz Ahrens.

The inaugural speech of the event was held by the internationally renowned Swiss technician Gerald Lefebvre, founder of ECO6S: Statistical, Environmental & Technical Analysis and packaging development consultant for the last 20 years, speaking about how to:

"Improve environmental & economic performance with LCCA & Lean Tools"

(LCCA Life Cycle & Costs Analysis)

Mr. Lefebre has presented, using exemplary reason, the scientific tools that can be used for the multi-level comparison of packaging materials aiming to choose the best in economic, environmental and social terms. Statistical analysis as a selection tool and multifunctional study of the environmental footprint of the various packaging materials gave unexpected results to the examples used to highlight the need for scientific study in the selection process.

The second speaker Götz Ahrens, project manager of the EUBP (European Bioplastics Association), representing large compostable bioplastics companies, presented for the first time in Greece the EUBP actions for the new generation of bio-plastics and applications in the packaging industry, while defining clearly the difference between bioplastics and biodegradable plastics in a speech on:

"Bioplastics in packaging. Understanding the true potential of bio-based and biodegradable plastics "

The new policy proposed by the European Commission on disposable plastics and packaging on 28-05-2018 in conjunction with the celebration of the 2018 World Environment Day, dedicated to the reduction of pollution of seas and oceans from plastics, mainly packaging materials , made the event more essential than ever.

The event was completed, as always, with questions to speakers and an open discussion during a small reception.

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