29th EFFoST International Conference-23 November 2015 Workshops/ Events

The Conference (entitled Food Science Research and Innovation: Delivering sustainable solutions to the global economy and society) was attended by over 600 participants representing 60 countries. 235 speeches, which were divided into 36 subject areas and 405 posters, were delivered analyzing novel technological advances in food production, processing and packaging. The speeches revolved around sustainable innovation taking into account not only global economy but also societal needs.

Members of the international scientific and academic community, food industry representatives as well as sectoral food organisations representatives were the distinguished guests at this important for our country event.

A number of significant concurrent events (Infogesut workshop, Tradeit-Trafoon workshop, Tradeit– connect2innovate workshop, international non-thermal processing workshop) took place within the context of the conference with the aim of strengthening the bonds between the scientific community and the industry representatives.New researchers, Doctors and research institutes were also honoured for their contribution to scientific fields.

AGMPM supported the organization of the conference releasing press bulletins and it was the sponsor of the publication of the proceedings of the conference in an electronic format (CD). AGMPM members attended the conference and participated in the concurrent events.

The following is a list of highly engaging projects on recent trends in food packaging, which are indicative of the high level of the conference.

1. Predicting storage and quality properties in modified atmosphere packaging for mushrooms K. Joshi, J.M. Frias Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.
2. High throughput electro‐hydrodynamic processing in food encapsulation and food packaging applications J.M. Lagaron, M.J. Fabra, A. Lopez‐Rubio, C. Libran, S. Wilkanovicz IATA‐CSIC, Spain.
3. A decision support tool based on microbial safety prediction for a better dimensioning of modified atmosphere packaging V.Guillarda, O. Couvertb, V. Stahlc, P. Buchea, A. Hanind, J. Dibiee, C. Loriotf, D. Thuaultg, V. Huchetg University of Montpellier – INRA;AιrialDactalia; AgroParisTech‐UMR INRA‐MIA, France.
4. Edible coatings for the development of sustainable foods with enhanced safety, quality and functionality‐O.Martin‐Belloso, Robert Soliva‐Fortuny, Alejandra Acevedo‐Fani University of Lleida,AgrotecnioCenter, Spain.
5. Edible film from seaweed for food packaging
W.M. Siah, A. Aminah, A. Ishak Research and Development Institute, Malaysia.
6. Innovative food packaging: Active, intelligent, bio‐based and eco‐efficient materials and technologies N.Gontard University of Montpellier II, France.
7. Improving the quality of vacuum packed fresh Norwegian salmon through active packaging solutions in the form of absorbing and CO2‐emitting pads F. Tintchev,H. Pommeranz, U. BindrichMcAirlaid´sVliesstoffe GmbH, Germany.
8. SUCCIPACK: Development of active, intelligent and sustainable food packaging using Polybutylene succinate (PBS) C. Cotillon, P. Dole, C. Loriot‐Sauvageot ACTIA, France.

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