Webinar on the plastic food contact materials and articles. 

On 15th December 2020 AGMPM in cooperation with the Hellenic State Laboratory organized a webinar on the new European regulation 2020/1245, which amended the 10.2011 commission regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. 

In the first session of the webinar  Dr. Evgenia Desipri presented the new requirements of the European legislation focusing on the updated union list of authorized substances, the migration test and conditions of the reusable plastic packaging, the timetable for the implementation of the regulation, the new strict requirements for the detection of metals and primary aromatic amines (detection limit 2 ppm) and, finally, the risk assessment methodology applied to all IAS NLS  and NIAS in order τto detect and exclude migratable  genotoxic substances above 0,00015 mg/kg into food or food stimulants.                                                                    

In the second session (Q & A) colleagues representing the Hellenic State Laboratory answered questions posed by the audience referring mainly to the implementation transition phase. The AGMPM chairman, who coordinated the interesting discussion, announced the intention of our association to hold more detailed discussions of the critical subjects of genotoxicity, acute / chronic / subchronic toxicity,  bioaccumulation, clastogenicity,  aneugenicity, cocktail effect / chemical mixtures. 

The recording of the webinar and the presentation are available upon request to the members of AGMPM. 

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