Henkel Liofol Workshop 2019

On 13th June 2019 Henkel Hellas organized the Liofol Workshop event for the Greek Flexible Converting Industry.This event was attended by more than 50 industry experts and high-ranking engineers.

Mr. Andreas Mitropoulos (Henkel's Adhesives Technologies Country Manager) coordinated the training session. The event started with the introductory speech of Mr. Stefan Gloetzel (Henkel's Regional European Sales Manager LOCTITE Liofol), who presented the broad product portfolio of his company, the current European and as well as the global trends and, finally, the new support services provided to the Greek packaging industry.

Afterwards, Mrs. Helga Garmann (Product Development LOCTITE Liofol Europe) introduced the framework of the European circular economy and provided useful tools needed to achieve the ambitious targets set. Mrs Garman also presented the European research schemes for recycling of post-consumer waste.

Mr. Claudio Lovato (Technical Service LOCTITE Liofol Italy & Greece) and Dr.Roberto Pela (Technical Service Manager LOCTITE Liofol Europe) analyzed the new European legal obligations and restrictions on safety of FCM as well as the proper labeling and marking of chemical products, and pointed out the innovative solutions developed by Henkel, which are available these days to the Greek market.

Finally, the Chairman of the Greek Packaging Association (AGMPM) analyzed the current trends in recycling multilayer flexible packaging materials including the chemical recycling processes developed in Europe, US and SE Asia. In his concluding remarks, he referred to the progress of the existing EPR schemes in Europe and the obligations of the packaging material manufactures.

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