Training course on the measurement of OEE 

On Wednesday, March 24, the fourth training seminar of AGMPM on lean manufacturing was completed in collaboration with Mr. Spyros Vamvakas (vice president of HMS) on the topic of the measurement index of overall equipment effectiveness OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). 

This index is considered in the industry as a reference point for measuring the productivity of each process and determines the production cost and by extension the profitability or not of the industrial facility/process / work center.

The basis of the score is the use of lean production tools to increase the availability in the production line or to adjust the speed to its desired / nominal value or to minimize the defective goods produced. 

In the educational seminar, the lecturer presented the theoretical calculation of the OEE and a series of examples from the industry. The minutes of the educational activity are available for the members and partners of AGMPM via the 

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