Webinar on toxicology and migration of food contact packaging materials and articles 

On Monday 25th January 2021 the Greek Packaging Association organized a training workshop analyzing the basic terms and rules of toxicology of the food contact packaging materials and articles. The two-hour training session included the theoretical analysis of chemical substances risk assessment according to the defined standards and practices of the toxicology science (in vivo, in vitro). The practical part of the webinar focused on the laboratory battery of tools used for the detection of migratable chemicals into food and food simulants. 

During the open Q&A session emphasis was put on the 15th amendment of the10/2011 commission regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Particularly, in this contextgenotoxic substances as contaminants should be excluded when migration exceeds the limit of 1.5 ppb (parts per billion). Another important topic discussed was the European public consultation for the amending acts of the 1935/2004frame regulation. Other interesting topics were the reliability of the specific migration methods, the intended use of food contact materials and articles, the risk assessment tools for the NIAS/NLS, the case of endocrine disruptors, the tight migration limits for babies / toddlers and, finally, the necessity for synergiesand close cooperation between universities, research institutes and industry. 

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