Smart factory conference 2019

With the presence of more than 230 leading executives of the manufacturing sector and solution providers, Smart Factory Conference 2019 was held on Tuesday, February 12th, at Art Factory Technostasio in Athens,under the auspices of SEV.

The conference stood out for the high level of speakers and its rich content, demonstrating the value, opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 in the industrial value chain. Early adopters from international and local manufacturing companies, experts and practitioners showcased their steps towards digital transformation, citing benefits such as improvements in agility, time, quality and production costs. At the same time, man emerged as the industry's most important gear,since, as pointed out by Jesus M. Fernandez, Operations Director of Thyssenkrupp Norte and by other speakers as well, although machines and technologies can bring significant improvements, the most central role and catalyst of substantial change is always the human factor. Finally, as pointed out by the keynote speaker Henrik von Scheel, originator of the Industry 4.0, ''industrial sector remains the backbone of every prosperous economy''. In this direction, Art Factory's packed hall gave the promising message that Greek industry is tuned to the pace of developments that will lead it to the next day.

The conference was held with the Honorary Support of AGMPM and of SBBE.

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