Printed Electronics and Smart Packaging 2016

The 3rd Educational – Training seminar under the subject "Printed Electronics and Smart Packaging" organized by ΚΕΔΙΒΙΜ2, the Graphic Arts department of Sivitanidios School in cooperation with the department of Technological Educational institute of Athens – School of applied arts and design and the Printed Organic Electronics Association of Greece (P.O.E.A.G.) was successfully concluded. The event was held on Saturday, 14th of May under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the General Secretariat of Lifelong Learning and Education in the multipurpose hall of Sivitanidios School.

Applications of printed electronics as conductive textiles, printed electronic games, printed solar panels (photovoltaics) were presented during the seminar and attracted the visitors' interest. The new technologies of printing, the thermochromic inks and materials, the conductive inks, the technologies of incorporation of chips, the RFID and NFC antennas were the main issues addressed by the seminar with main speakers the professors of the department of Graphic Arts Technology of the Technical Education Institute (TEI) of Athens, Dr. Spyros Nomikos, Dr. Stamatina Theochari, and Dr. Vasiliki Belesi. The Electronics Department of the Technical Education Institute (TEI) of Athens was represented by Dr. Grigoris Kaltsas who presented applications of flexible printed electronics and sensors. The configuration of the printing methods for printed electronics was analyzed by Dr. George Vlachopoulos, professor of the Graphic Arts Department of Sivitanidios School. The future of the applications of printed electronics was extensively discussed with the speakers Dr. Charalampos Tsekeris and Vasileios Psaridis. Mrs Maria – Georgia Nomikou, member of P.O.E.A.G. also presented applications of Printed Solar Panels (Photovoltaics) as well as Dr. Argyris Laskaridis, Professor of Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki who left the best impressions during the presentation of the research still conducted in Northern Greece.

The 3rd seminar was concluded with proposals by the speakers and the participants for future collaborations aiming to the research work done in Greece. Additionally, the integration of printed electronics as a subject of study at each educational level was considered necessary, starting from the secondary level of technical education and providing opportunities even in postgraduate level.

The applications of printed electronics in packaging were followed with particular interest from AGMPM representatives. As the technological developments are very rapid, we consider that the immediate interdisciplinary collaboration between the manufacturers of packaging raw materials and the research centers of Greece is imperative.

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