Webinar on the recyclability of paper packaging 

On Thursday, April 6, a new AGMPM webinar was completed, this time in collaboration with the European Organization CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) and the company Interseroh+ GmbH 

The topic of the event was the new harmonized method for controlling the recyclability of paper and cardboard published in October 2022, but also the certification of the recyclability of paper packaging "Made for Recycling" developed by the company Interseroh+ as a strategic tool of the Interzero organization. 

In the first part of the seminar, the representative of the European organization CEPI (Mrs. Maria Georgiadou, Recycling Manager CEPI, Confederation of paper industries) presented the actions of the organization, cited data on paper recycling in the European market and then developed the requirements of the proposal of the new European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), highlighting the chapters on recyclability, implementation schedule and recyclability criteria for paper packaging. The presentation of the representative of the CEPI organization ended with the presentation of the single European standard for the control of paper recyclability, developed by the technical committees of CEPI.  

In the second part of the event, Julian Thielen (Head of “Made for Recycling” Interseroh GmbH) described in principle the activities of the Intezero group, which is a large packaging waste manager in the German market and recycles the collected packaging.  Following the presentation, the laboratory methodology (Biffa, Fraunhoffer) and finally the recyclability control methods of paper packaging for the domestic market were compared (PTS vs CEPI methods) 

The event concluded with the Q&A session and discussed examples of certified packaging (Kohler paper – confectionery packaging), the compatibility of packaging collection and management systems in the EU, the possibility of managing packaging with food contamination, the use of recycled materials in primary food packaging, the closed management loops of responsive packages, etc 

The educational material of the event (video, PowerPoints) is available to the members and partners of AGMPM through the secretariat (info@pac.gr). 

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