General Assembly 2023, the election of a new Board of Directors and approval of a new statute    

On Wednesday, April 26, the annual General Meeting of AGMPM was held and on Tuesday, May 2, the election of the new enlarged Board of Directors and the approval of the new statutes were completed in a second meeting. 

The General Assembly was held at the Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel and at the beginning of the meeting the president presented the actions of the last years. The first guest speaker was Dr. Konstantinos St. Psomopoulos is a professor at the university of West Attica (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and since 2007 he has been a member of the EU scientific committees in the field of ecological design of products that consume/relate to energy. Dr. Psomopoulos analyzed the holistic approach that governs the design of packaging according to the requirements of the European Commission and described the next steps that are expected to be implemented with a time horizon of 2025 and 2030.

Then the second guest speaker of the event, the lawyer Mr. Giorgos Konstantinopoulos, who works as a Special Expert for Conformity Assessments of the European Commission and is a member of the Working Groups for Legislation, Air Quality and Industry (European Environmental Bureau, EEB) took to the stage. Mr. Konstantinopoulos cited the evolution of the European legislation on packaging and packaging waste (PPWR) legislation on SUPs and microplastics, and finally drew attention to the upcoming legislation in the form of a regulation focusing on some critical passages. 

The election of the new Board of Directors was postponed for the new meeting because two presences were missing to complete the required 2/3 as formally required. On Tuesday, May 2, the work was completed with the unanimous vote of the new Board of Directors and the approval of the new statute. 

We wish success to the new Board of Directors who take over the reins of the association by offering knowledge to its members and the demand for valid information in Greek society. 

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