A.G.M.P.M. - Association of the Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials

The Association of the Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials was founded in 1999 by the leading packaging manufacturing enterprises in Greece. Members of the Association are companies producing packaging materials out of paper and carton, aluminum, tin, plastics, glass, wood and natural fibers.

The 2007 changes in the statute of AGMPM extended its scope and allowed the expansion of its membership. Now, members of the Association  can also be packaging machine manufacturers, companies providing services to the packaging industry (e.g. packaging designers, logistics services, packaging engineering and  marketing services), and contract packers. 

AGMPM is member of the World Packaging Organization (WPO).


The aims of AGMPM set by the foundation in 1999 are as follows :

1.The development of knowledge and its technological and scientific level of the packaging industry .
2.The emergence of dynamic industry in Greece and abroad . An industry based on innovation and quality.
3.The highlighting the importance of modern packaging to protect their products and consumers.
4.The display innovative designs of the packaging industry for the improvement of environmental parameters.
5.The responsible informing society about the role of packaging in modern life and rebuilding unsubstantiated opinions circulating in the media.

The Board

The General Assembly AGMPM on October 19, 2016 , was elected the new Board,as follows :

President :  Mr. Mantis Dimitrios (DRUCKFARBEN SA )

Vice President : Mr. Tourasanidis Lefteris (HATZOPOULOS SA)

 Members :

Mr. Argyropoulos Stelios (SCHUR FLEXIBLES ABR SA)

Mr. Chatzichrysos Avgerinos (FORLABELS SA)

Mr. Giatsis Achilleas (GIATSIS PACK SA)

Mr. Kanellakis Konstantinos (K. KANELLAKIS SA)

Mr. Monahos Vasilis (POLISAN HELLAS SA)

Mr. Nalbanis Efthimis (ΜΕL SA)

Mr. Papaspyropoulos Yiannis (AVRV SA)

Mr. Patrinos Panayiotis (ΕLPACK SA)

Mr. Samios Costas (TSIMIS SA)

Mr. Tsakalidis Antonis (TSAKALIDIS A. EE)

Board members and contact information

Mr.Mantis Dimitris
Mr. Eleytherios Tourasanidis
162, 26th October str.
Thessaloniki - 546 28
r_d@hatzopoulos.gr 2310 551801 2310 540673 http://www.hatzopoulos.gr
Mr. Stelios Argyropoulos
2, P. Kapsorachi str.
Egaleo - 122 41
sargyropoulos@alfabetaroto.com 210 3456454 210 3472251 http://www.alfabetaroto.com
Mr. Achilleas Giatsis
12, Arachou Str.
Moschato-Athens - 18346
a.giatsis@giatsis.gr 2104821689 2104828234 http://www.giatsis.gr
Mr. Kanellakis Konstantinos
8km onr Thivas Chalkidas
Thiva - 32200
kostas@k-kanellakis.gr 22620 71144 22620 71470 http://www.k-kanellakis.gr
Mr. Vasilis Monachos
B' Industrial Area
Volos - 37500
info@polisanhellas.com 242 5022250 242 5023655 http://www.polisanhellas.com
Mr. Eythimios Nalbanis
Kato Gefyra Thessalonikis
Thessaloniki - 570 11
e.nalbanis@melpaper.com 2310 728000 2310 715351 http://www.melpaper.com
Mr. Yiannis Papaspyropoulos
18, Ag. Thoma str.
Spata Attikis - 190 04
ypapaspyropoulos@avrv.gr 210 6047411 210 6046507 http://www.avrv.gr
Mr. Panagiotis Patrinos
5, Orizomylon str.
Egaleo - 122 44
patrinos@elpack.gr 210 5693240 210 5450863 http://www.elpack.gr
Mr. Samios Costas
55, Peiraios str.
Moschato - 183 46
csamios@tsimis.gr 210 4813707 210 6625630 http://www.tsimis.gr
Mr. Antonis Tsakalidis
12, Tsamadou Str.
Pireus - 18531
at@tsakalidislabs.gr 2104175865 2104172895 http://tsakalidislabs.gr
Mr. Avgerinos Chatzichrysos
Vice President
61th Klm, N.R. Athens-Lamia
Schimatari Voiotia - 320 09
ahhrisos@forlabels.gr 22 620 56 738 22 620 56 768 http://www.forlabels.gr